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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes us different?

We have been working at the highest level with the casino brands for several years and know how important it is to check your stats and earnings on a daily basis. That is why we have put great emphasis on our software, which has a real-time API connection to our individual partners.

Furthermore, we make it easy for you to get deals, so you can focus solely on your affiliate marketing.

How does it work?

Just register. Click on your desired casinos in our casino library and request the deal. As simple as that.
If you have another desired value, then contact one of our team members directly via Skype or mail.

Can I apply for any Deal?

Yes, as long as your source has the required quality, any deal is possible. We award RevShare, CPA deals and for our top affiliates hybrid deals, which are a combination of RevShare and CPA.

When do you payout?

Your commission is always paid on the 20th of each month. You can decide on which payment method you would like to receive it.

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